Wednesday, May 1, 2013

As a custom tattoo designer, one question that always stays on top your head is finding the right place to market or sell your tattoos. In today's market, the internet offers some of the best opportunities for a tattoo artist to market their work of art. Another option available to the artists is finding a local ink shop or a popular tattoo studio that agrees to display your designs to their clients. However, the second option will somewhat limit your marketing area as it will only cater to the local clients.
There is a third option as well. A designer can create his/her own website. The website should display all your unique designs along with the services that you offer as a tattoo artist. Once the site is live, the next step would be to drive traffic to the site. Like all other businesses, a tattoo design website also needs to be marketed and therefore you need to learn the tactics of popularizing the site. This takes time and planning. When the prospective clients look for tattoo designs or tattoo artists, the site that features first or second on the page will get the maximum visibility. Also, the site should be designed in a way that appeals to the client in the first look.
If the site is very slow, is too complex, information is difficult to find and the visitor does not find it easy to navigate, he/she will move on to the next site.
Initially, one can also register with an existing custom tattoo design website. These sites also offer all that a tattoo artist needs. Their site is already up and running and all one needs to do is set up an account with the site to upload your designs. Some sites run tattoo design contests hosted by the clients. There are some sites that contact tattoo artists and offer them to join their website. Others even offer a 'Tattoo Marketplace' where the tattoo designer can join for free, submit their designs and set the price for each design, and get paid every time one of their designs is sold.
An online tattoo design contest is a very creative way for a tattoo artists to sell their designs. You can create your complete portfolio as a designer and win more customers. Since most customers look for a unique design these days, they prefer to invest time in browsing through various designs, there is a greater chance of your designs being viewed, appreciated and selected online.
The tattoo marketplaces allow you to submit as many tattoo designs as you want, and you are also free to remove any design at any time. You set the price of your designs and the website that you're working with will handle all the formalities with respect to sale and payment processing for you. The site that you are registered with will even keep you posted on the progress through email updates.

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