Monday, May 13, 2013

A few years back it was thought impossible to erase tattoo ink. Once the needle touched the skin that was it there was no turning back! There were surgical methods which you could use but at the time they were very risky procedures. However in the present day thanks to the advancement of technology and research there are now ways that you can get rid of tattoos without much risk, whether it be the name of an ex partner or that embarrassing piece you got when you were little or just something that's stopping you from ever working at your dream job. With today's technology you can wipe the slate clean and start afresh.
What Methods Are Available?
There are a few methods of tattoo removal available at the moment and they can be split into 3 main categories:
  • Surgery
The most popular surgery known is laser surgery. This procedure is the process of aiming a high intensity laser at the tattoo and the short bursts attack the pigment under the skin of the tattoo. This lasts 10-30 minutes a session which will be given to you over a period of time so that the full removal of the tattoo can be done.
A more unknown surgery is dermabrasion which involves sanding down the tatted area to remove the tattoo. As you can guess this method is painful for whoever is getting it done regardless of your pain threshold.
Both these surgeries are both painful, leave scarring and are really expensive depending on the size of your tattoo and where you are getting the procedure done. If you have the money to blow and the high pain threshold then by all means go through with it.
  • Chemical
Another way to erase unwanted tattoo ink is to use chemical methods. A widely known method that is becoming popular for those who don't have enough money for surgery is chemical peel. This is the process of putting a chemical on your tatted area and a controlled burn will occur. This area will then start to scab and peel and in time it will heal back with less ink. You will have to go through this procedure a while over a period of weeks to months to get rid of all your ink which could end up being expensive for you.
  • Natural
What people don't know is that there is also a natural method which you can use for tattoo removal and it is also very effective!
Not only is natural tattoo removal cheap but it also doesn't have side-effects such as the pain, scarring, and abrasion which you get from the surgeries and chemical methods! The method of natural methods to erase Tattoo ink uses natural products and is highly effective! So you tell me which one is better!

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