Monday, May 13, 2013

Price can be a major factor in which option is used when looking at how to fade a tattoo. If we go back a few years the only way to remove tattoos was through professional surgeons who used methods such as laser surgery and dermabrasion. These methods would be painful and insanely expensive but if you wanted to get rid of your unwanted ink then it was a process that you would have to go through. However, today we now find ourselves in a world where the removal process methods are in fact expanding to cheaper and less painful methods too that don't require professionals and can even be done in the comfort of your own home. These methods are starting to become very popular worldwide since they are simple to use and cheaper than getting your ink removed professionally.
Removal Cream
This method is the method of rubbing a simple cream on your tattoo regularly which removes the tattoo pigment so that the body can get rid of the ink over a few weeks to months depending on the size of your tattoo.
Unfortunately there is no real evidence or medical studies to prove that these creams work and there is a lot of debate about them.
The creams themselves cost over $60 for a month's worth of cream so it would be a good idea to find one that has guarantee and a good review by people over the internet!
Chemical Peel (TCA or glycolic acid)
This is the method of rubbing a chemical onto your skin which ends up causing a controlled burn where the skin (and ink) peels off and a fresh layer of skin scabs over to provide you with a new skin.
This method is becoming one of the most popular methods because it provides good results but once again it does cost quite a bit of money (not as much as the cream) and it also does have the problem of not being able to remove all tattoos and even if it doesn't it will leave you with scarring.
As this is a chemical method you need to make sure that you consult your doctor before you go on to use this method because when using chemicals to treat anything or when even when you are looking at how to fade a tattoo then you could have a bad reaction to some of the ingredients inside of the chemical.
Another method which is not as popular as it should be is the natural methods which are very effective on how to fade a tattoo! Using natural methods you won't be in any pain or have any reactions and won't have to go through the scarring or abrasions that are caused by the other methods. Even better the natural methods of how to fade a tattoo are cheap to go through and very very effective!

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