Monday, May 13, 2013

Kanji tattoo designs are very unique and attractive. The origin is from an ancient form of Chinese calligraphy, which underwent certain alterations in Japan. The calligraphy includes more than 50,000 characters. The most unique factor about Kanji design tattoos is the fact that every single character has a separate meaning. This is why proper knowledge of the Kanji is essential if you do not wish to end up in embarrassing and offensive situations because of your tattoo.
Here are some things about Kanji tattoo design that are necessary for you to know
The history of Kanji design
The origin of the Kanji calligraphy is from China and this was later modified by the Japanese and therefore is a combination of the two. The whole calligraphy and language has undergone numerous changes over the years.
There are a total of 50,000 characters to choose for your Kanji tattoo design, it is a difficult task of course to learn all of them. But you can still get an excellent design that makes sense and signifies something according to your needs and personality while retaining the true essence of a Kanji tattoo.
Deciphering the Kanji tattoo
As discussed earlier, each of the 50,000 characters involved has its own distinct meaning and before getting the tattoo, it is necessary that you know which ones you will be using. It will be used on your body for everyone to see, this is why you need to be absolutely sure of getting the meanings right. This guarantees the accuracy of the tattoo
Kanji designs as a mode of self expression
There are many people who get Kanji only because they look attractive to them, ignoring the meaning that they present. But if you have the knowledge regarding this design, the joy of seeing something this unique on your skin and understanding the meaning as well will increase incredibly. It is for this reason that the fact that you should know the true meaning of your tattoo design is emphasized so much. It will even help you in case someone asks about it, which is most likely to happen, given as to how unique these are.
These days Kanji tattoo designs have gained immense popularity amongst tattoo enthusiasts; these tattoos are great if you wish to reflect your personality and your beliefs in the form of tattoo body art. 

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