Monday, May 13, 2013

Due to the growing number of adults who get tattoos the tattoo removal industry has exploded in recent years. It's estimated that 17% of those who choose to get a tattoo will regret their decision. With nearly 45 million adults in the United States alone who have tattoos it is a significant portion of the population.
The most popular option for removing a tattoo is by using a laser to burn away tissue. While a small fraction of laser tattoo removal centers will charge minimal prices for sessions, the cost this procedure is very high. Each session costs on average $400-$800.
You then have to factor in that a professionally applied tattoo will take on average 6-12 treatments. When you add together all the costs of an average sized, professionally done tattoo it will cost somewhere between $2,500 to $5,000 to have an average tattoo be removed fully.
Of course laser removal isn't the only option for having body ink removed. There is dermabrasion, salabrasion, and surgical excision available. Keep in mind that these methods generally are not used very much by professionals anymore because they result in scarring too frequently.
It isn't as if these alternative options are cheap either. You'll be paying for the treatments, which usually will take around the same number as laser removal. You'll also be paying for the local anesthesia that the doctor will have to apply. Lastly, you'll be paying for all of the bandages and ointments that you will have to apply to your wound after the procedures. Obviously the surgery option will not be a cheap option either.
Perhaps the most important thing to consider about the cost of tattoo removal is the fact that these types of procedures are purely cosmetic. That means you will be paying every last dollar out of your own pockets. Insurance companies do not cover voluntary cosmetic procedures such as tattoo removal.
There is a cheaper method for body ink removal however that doctors simply don't discuss. The reason why is because they can't charge you thousands of dollars for it.
Natural tattoo removal is gaining much traction because there is scientific backing behind it. It's as effective as the other tattoo removal methods, but carries no pain and is a fraction of the cost compared to other methods. I'm not talking about shady tattoo removal creams either.


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