Monday, May 13, 2013

A lot of people in the world have tattoos and millions of people are getting new tattoos every year. The reason this is important is because more and more employers are starting to judge people by the tattoos that they have showing. The problem that many people have is they can't really cover up their tattoos and if that is the case then you either need to try harder or forget about certain jobs out there.
I have a lot of tattoos and the thing that I suggest is to put them in spots on your body that people won't easily be able to notice them. Some examples are back tattoos, arm tattoos, and even low shoulder tats are great for anybody that might want a certain job later on. The problem with getting a tattoo that is visible on your neck is that people always look at a person's face and if you have a tattoo then they will see it every time.
Now I know that more and more people are getting tattoos and that is why I wanted to put together a small list of ways that you can cover up your tattoos when you need to.
One of the things I would recommend doing is applying some makeup to your tattoo. The thought of men putting on makeup might be a little tough at first but this is something that you will need to do. I know this might be a little strange at first but if this is what you have to do to get a job or just keep your tattoo a secret then so be it. I would rather use a little bit of makeup and be the only one that knows about it than to lose a job because of a tattoo that is visible.
Something else you can do to hide a tattoo is cover it with some clothes. Having a tattoo on your lower arm is no problem, you just need to wear a long sleeve shirt. If you have a tattoo on your leg then wearing pants would be the best thing to do. Now if you have a tattoo on your upper neck then you will either need to wear a turtle neck or wear a collared shirt and probably use makeup. What you need to understand is that covering up certain tattoos might be extremely difficult and that is why you should not get something that can be covered up.

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