Monday, May 13, 2013

People get tattoos for all sorts of reasons, and most do so happy in the knowledge that they'll be carrying around that particular piece of body art for the rest of their life. Through the course of our lives, though, circumstances change and the tattoo we had done when we were young may not be appropriate any more. Whether it's the name of an ex-lover, an image that's lost its meaning, or one that has become misshapen because of changes to our body - there are plenty of reasons why someone might want to get rid of a tattoo.
Traditionally, removing a tattoo has been a painful process. The most common option, up until the formulation of tattoo removal cream, was through a process called dermabrasion. This, effectively, involved having the tattoo scrubbed from the body and, as the tattoo ink is a few layers deep beneath the skin, it can be incredibly sore. Dermabrasion can leave a permanent scar around the area of skin that has been treated, and because of the type of wound that it can leave it is possible to get an infection. Laser treatment came next, and was a dramatic improvement over dermabrasion - the pigment of the tattoo is targeted by the laser and burnt away from under the skin. This process can also leave a slight scar, but its primary drawback is the cost - a session of laser treatment can be expensive, but as most tattoos require multiple treatments, the cost can soon spiral.
Tattoo removal cream gives people the chance to rid themselves of an unwanted tattoo in the comfort of their own home, using a treatment that is simple, painless and relatively cheap. People are used to buying home treatment creams for all sorts of reasons - cellulite cream to rid themselves of cellulite, hair creams to treat a bald spot, the list is endless - home treatments have become a recognised and accepted form of therapy in recent years.
Tattoo removal cream works by drawing the pigment of the ink used in the tattoo closer to the surface of the skin, where the effects of natural light will bleach it. During the course of the treatment, the tattoo should start to fade and then gradually disappear - these creams don't provide a quick fix solution though; it can take a number of months for the cream to work effectively and over that time a daily application is required. It is a low cost easy solution, though, for anyone wishing to rid themselves of an unloved tattoo.
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