Sunday, April 28, 2013

Getting a tattoo can seems like a whole lot of fun, particularly when you're out with some pals and one of them you her brand new, hot butterfly tattoo on her shoulder. It's exciting to think about all the possibilities, and what getting a tattoo would tell to the world about you. After all, it's pretty typical nowadays and it wouldn't be that much of a big thing, would it? Well, before taking the plunge and getting inked, take a bit of time to think about it thoroughly. It's been said that a minimum of one third of people that get a tattoo regrets it. Before you become one of those people, it would be smart to consider a few things carefully.
The first concern to ask yourself is do you truly want something on your body that will exist for life. Of course you know that it's a long-term thing, but it's so easy to be scooped in the enjoyment of something new and fun. Consider your main reason for wanting to do it at this specific time in your life. Is it out of character or have you thought about getting a tattoo for a long time. Is something happening in your life at the moment that might trigger you to do something you might not otherwise do? Have you had any peer pressure to sway your judgement? If it is your idea and you're certain that it's what you want, go ahead.
Once you have decided that there will be a tattoo in your future, think carefully when choosing where on your body it will be placed. If you are very young and think that a tattoo on your stomach is a good idea, consider the fact that as you get older you might not want to call attention to that area of your body. Your skin may sag or stretch over time, causing the tattoo to look different. The tattoo could also fade or look blurry over time. You should also be mindful of the fact that there may be certain times in your life that you might not want your tattoo to show. Too many people have gone through the painful process of getting a tattoo removed before a wedding, a job interview, or some other occasion.Think about the situations that might come about where you would not want a tattoo, and make your decision with that in mind. You will have to live with the consequences either way.
The last thing you should think thoroughly about prior to getting inked is the design of your tattoo. The most obvious red flag would be to get tattooed with the name of your current boyfriend. I might be impossible to imagine life without him right now, but things might be different in a year or two. In the same line of thought, you don't want to chance the possibility of having your permanent tattoo remind you of an uncomfortable breakup. Whatever design you are considering for you tattoo, think seriously about how you will like it when you are fifty or even seventy. The meaning of a particular design might actually speak to you now, however you may feel differently about it in the future. Similar to the design your picked for your tattoo, think carefully about it's colors. Dynamic and bright colors maybe appear like an excellent idea now, but down line you might wish you had gotten something a little more subdued.


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