Monday, April 29, 2013

To make money designing custom tattoos, you can either set up your own tattoo design website, compete with the thousands that are out there, or you can search for an existing site and sign up with one or more of them. It will help you build up your business and position your site at the top and improve rankings.
Many sites are looking for good designers and some of the sites also offer tattoo design contests allowing participants to make good money. You can also opt for the old fashioned way and open a tattoo studio to start your business. However, this would be a much riskier proposition since there will be tremendous costs involved with opening your own business and then you have to attract clients and maintain their patronage in order to see profits flowing.
If you choose to work online, check with sites that you find interesting, the ones that offer best deals for designers offering custom tattoo designs. You may have to provide some samples of your work with a view to prove how skill and creativity as a tattooist. Custom tattoo designs have a large market and by joining an online business, you can offer them to customers across the globe.
Once you have signed up with companies online, you may submit your work on their site and as customers choose to buy your designs, you'll get the payment and those designs will be displayed on the site to promote your work. Additionally, if you have signed up with a site that offers tattoo design contests, you can earn way more by creating designs that win and best match the client expectations. This way you don't just get good money but also come to be known as the winning designer and become a renowned artist within the tattoo industry.
Creativity is the key to designing successful custom tattoo designs. The ability to work with your customer to provide them with a tattoo that matches their ideas and preferences well will bring you more customers. By consistently doing good work and offering some of your best creations to the tattoo enthusiasts, you will build a larger following for you, your services will always be in demand and you will always make good money.
At the time of displaying your work in an online tattoo gallery, determine the prices of your tattoos carefully. The custom tattoo designs are unique and popular but don't make the mistake of overpricing them for that reason. If your tattoos are too expensive, you may get very little business because of the severe competition online.
As a new tattoo designer, you will need to do a little research to see where your tattoos fit within the overall picture. Even seasoned designers adjust their prices to fit the market. Unless you have a collection of incredible custom tattoo designs that no one else has, there is a moderate price structure that needs to be followed. And as you build a good clientele by doing more work, and exposing your skills, you can start adjusting your prices to generate more income.

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