Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here is some photos of bike during building process. This bike was totally pre assembled before taking apart to paint and detail all parts. Top end was fitted on workbench. I had a 650 Honda sitting in the corner of my garage, and i could not stop thinking about how the front end would be perfect for my Triumph. One of my friends gave me the Honda, so i stripped it in a hour and fitted the fork clamps to my new 67 Triumph front frame section. The trees fit perfect, other than having to cut off the Honda fork stops on the lower clamp, and cut off the gauge mounts on the upper clamp. The disc brake on the Honda just wasn't cutting it, so it had to go. Digging through my parts selection i came across this dual leading shoe brake off a 69 Bonneville and decided that it was exactly what i wanted on this bikes front end. These late drum brakes are self energizing and work almost as good as a disc brake. Headlight ears and shell are 81 Kawasaki 750 spectra. Fork gaitors are Kawasaki spectra also. Axle had to be modified and right fork leg had to have a solid brake stop welded to the inside edge to fit slot in brake face. Gauge mount is made from a hummer flywheel cover with a small chain welded to edge mounted to ignition mount on top fork clamp. Tach cable had to pass through headlamp shell.

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