Sunday, September 11, 2011

Innovative concepts of urban transport has seen the MINI to grow a successful brand that we know today. Constantly developing new ideas from the beginning more than 50 years ago until now have ensured that driving fun has continued to grow, even if the state of our roads have become increasingly stringent. Supporting this success is the creative use of space, which is enshrined in a new area with the MINI Concept, Rocketman. The self study, which will be revealed to the world public for the first time in 2011 the Geneva '

International Motor Show (March 3 to 13), refers to the classic Mini in terms of external dimensions, but the technology refers to the future of automotive design . 3 +1 seater with 3 doors and a length of just over 3 meters (10 feet), the MINI Concept Rocketman meet the basic requirements for mobile mode of life in major cities of the future by combining the core brand values, in the form condensed.
Ingenious functionality, agility inducing smile, exceptional performance and attractive design come together in an extraordinarily attractive and innovative, however, typically MINI, the concept of sub-compact cars in the premium segment.

The awareness of the products of tradition and innovation, the MINI design team developed a vision of the car, which takes up little space on the way awesome, but it boasts a spacious great. MINI Concept Rocketman leads way over the virtues of the classic concept of a vehicle brand in the forefront. It offers a new interpretation of the distinguishing features of the MINI, and uses the latest manufacturing techniques and production to create unique solutions for the body and interior.

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