Friday, August 19, 2011

Lobina, which was recently bought by Brax Automobile, has presented the new 2007 H1 Lobina the "Salão do Automovel 2006." The car has a removable hard roof, redesigned front with new headlights and an aerodynamic kit that makes a sports car very attractive. Inside Lobina H1 comes with leather seats available in light gray, dark gray or black.

Lobina H1 to pay 170 000 BRL (~ $ 90,000) and comes standard with roll bar, sound system, air conditioning, power windows and seats and steering wheel. Options include: Xenon headlights, GPS, DVD player, parking sensor, tire pressure warning and individual colors.

In 1999 Bass project was created. It aims to develop the best sports car with a Brazilian technology to compare with the international vehicles of the same class. H1 bass is now a thing of the past. It was a success, "Salão do Automóvel 2002" and you can see on the streets of many cities in Brazil.

The company has recently supplied one of its cars in England, and worked in the technical validation of the Lotus Europa Lobina.

VW 1.8 turbo inter cooler, 4-cylinder, 20 valve, 180 hp

Behind the transverse axis between the

Bosch electronic fuel injection

Unique sports stainless steel exhaust pipes


A five-speed transmission - the transmission of mechanical power


Independent suspension with four wheels and carbon steel in the Triangle

JRZ competition shock absorbers with Eibach coils and adjustable

The four-wheel disc brakes, and mechanical ventilation


Carbon steel tubular frame Anti - corrosive treatment


Plastic reinforced with fiberglass


Dimensions: Length = 3720mm, Width = 1800mm, 1180mm height =

Ground clearance: 150mm

Between the axles: 2400mm

Tank: 58 liters

Weight: 1,030 kg

Weight distribution: 41/59

Acceleration: 0 to 100 km / h in under 6 seconds

Wheels and tires: 17 "x 7", front: 205 45 R17 PZero asymmetric, Rear: 225 45 R17 PZero asymmetric


Hydraulic Steering - Adjustable height and depth, with integrated panel

The articles of the series

Air conditioning

Power Windows

Engine start button on the panel

Rear seats Trunk

Audio system with CD player

Competitive seats

Roll over bar

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